Asked one searcher from a search engine. He (got to be a man- right?) was subsequently directed to my post about Iranian women- which incidentally had no mention of Arab men. However, I can make life easier for him, and answer shortly and to the point:

Yes, they do. Very much indeed.

How can I be so positive? Maybe anecdotes of my grandmother’s travels to Mecka. My grandmother has high cheekbones, slanted almond-shaped green eyes and incredible milky skin- early photos of her show similarity with Ava Gardner. Even now in her seventies, back bent and skin wrinkled (not much!) she still receives proposals of marraige. Despite, or because of her veneration of rich people, she is deeply religious, and goes on pilgrimage to mecka at least once a year, as well as more dangerous places like karbala. Anyway, the point is, she has frequently told of us of the ongoing, insistent and annoying harassment and unwanted attention Iranian women receive at the hands of Arab men in mecka and madina. In fact, as many of you probably know, there are special guards in place in the crowds at mecka to beat off harassers and men who can’t keep their hands to themselves. Come to think of it, the existence of guards shows that it just not Arab men who like Iranian women, it is all men who like all women…

Distressing experiences of my female (ex)colleagues with a highly noxious male colleague of Arab origin is further proof of my positivity.

And finally, sheer jingoism: Iranian women have fairer skins, more delicate figures, smaller noses, more intelligent eyes, better dress sense, better accessory sense (Arab women are disasters when it comes to accessorizing with gold- they simply don’t know when to stop), higher levels of education (I don’t know how to support  this assertion- I simply know its true. Thankfully I’m just blogging, not writing for a peer-reviewed journal), than their Arab counterparts. What is there not to like?



  1. arjang011

    Well, let’s see. I don’t see any other posting from you, and your username is thenewcomer. I’ll go out on the limb, and say that you are lowly arab guy posting as an Iranian woman. You guys are both pathetic and dumb. I just don’t get it why arab guys have to behave so stupid. Have you noticed that there are almost no arab guy in high tech and even those few are always work in technical support? Every arab guy that I see is either driving a taxi, have a small shop, or at best is a real estate agent. Then they come and stand next to Starbucks wearing suite with a tall coffee cup (to make sure you get the cheapest drinks) and stand there hours just hoping that a woman would talk to them. You are so damn lame. You fucked up the middle east so bad.

    • thenewcomer

      There are 95 posts from me in here… and no, i am not an arab man. I am an Iranian woman. From what I know of arab culture, an arab man would prefer to have his balls cut off rather than pose as a woman… and not even then.

  2. arjang011

    Couldn’t take the comment freak? You Iranian women are pathetic and getting more pathetic each day. I look around and Iranian women are ballooning up like whales while Iranian men get better and better, and richer and richer.

  3. Sami

    “The newcomer” just cause you happen to like Arab men doesn’t mean other Iranian women do, in fact I have never seen an Iranian women with an Arab man in my life before.

    And I doubt you’re Iranian by a Arab loser that can get no action, so you go this low to satisfy yourself, lol.


  4. im sorry to say….chk persian girls in LA and see how they have discraced us…rich arabs,russians in the uk..turks …anyone that whants a women to live with him and he spends money on them…well there us,persian and morocon girls…
    we have the worst reputation…morocons women russian and persians..
    why hide it??
    we act as virgins…have a doctor fix us…then get married !!
    after we have our bank accounts full.
    im not like that…i love m halph persian &scotish man,and hope to tie the not!
    wake up…we have a love and hate thing!!!
    so we are evolving…
    but i wish our girls would cool down..and men stop having sex like animals

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  6. Nene

    It’s true. I’m an Iranian women in the US and I always thought Arab men are very very strict when it comes to marriage and relationships and they only marry Arab women that are Muslims. This is until I moved to a neighborhood predominately Arab .I’m not a muslim or religious at all, howver I’ve noticed that Arab men have an usual interest in me, more so than Iranian,White,Asian or any other type of guys.I’ve been approched for marriage…this is excitibg because I never get this type of treatm

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