The golden boy drove Lightning Macqueen across the keyboard of my notebook (yes, that is what it is called! A laptop is something else, Irani-ha), and Macqueen broke the F8 key. So HP came and took my notebook away, (well, I asked them to, but this is what it feels like) and it won’t be back for 7 to 9 business days. Which mean a fortnight. No computer at home for a fortnight. No late night films, no favourite serials from the library after the kidz sleep (I’m thinking Moonlighting, Midsomer Murders and Dr. Quinn here. By the way- do you think Jane Seymour is more beautiful or Cybill Shepard? It is a question which has been occupying my mind recently, alomgside other concerns such the CRA, the golden boy going back to Iran, university starting in September, what is development studies and why I am studying it? etc etc)  no plonking the kidz in front of the monitor to rewatch Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck for the thousandth time while you get on with more interesting things (such as cooking supper), no frequent e-mail checks, no chatting with sis, and, for all my fans out there (yes- I know you’re there, even if you are a bit shy about comments- I didn’t make the ~2000 viewer statistic by myself and my sister!) no daily newcomer updates.

I will miss being thenewcomer… I’ll try to update as much as possible… It’s very hot here in Halifax, and we are going to the beach tomorrow. And there is a public picnic on Sunday at the Citadel. Perhaps I’ll see you there.



  1. Mary Ann

    Totally Jane Seymour, hands down. She has a far more refined beauty.

  2. abcdefgh

    I can see you are so proud of your english-writings and your beautiful Halifax that apparently you have forgotten you are one of the Irani-ha! (or may-be you like to refuse it, up to you…). By the way, a laptop is a nootbook but a notebook is not necessarily a laptop, which means, by using a general word (notebook) it seems you have hidden that you yourself don’t know what is laptop and what is notebook… no problem, you are one Irani!
    keep posting, I follow your adventures…

  3. thenewcomer

    Mary Ann, that is what I think, on the whole. Cybill Shephard has a funny lump on the tip of her nose, plus her lips are too thin. Jane Seymour is much more classic.

    To abc: Of course I don’t know what the difference is! Why should I? I just noticed that all canadians call the laptops, “notebook”, whereas all irani-ha call the notebooks, “laptop”. And your explanation is really freaky.
    Moreover, if you think I am refusing or hiding my Irani-ha identity, then obviously you are not reading me properly. But yes, I am very proud of my “english-writings” as you call them. Where else on the net can you find such elegant blog entries?

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