The issue of what to wear when not at work has never really arisen for me, as I generally go around the house wearing rags- literally. My favourite at-home dress are baggy frayed once-white cotton vests which used to belong to my husband, and so are several sizes too big for me. I have about ten of these items, all badly stained, holey and raggedy round the edges, for I sleep in them, cook in them and eat in them. Occasionally my husband takes a couple to wipe floors with, but I always manage to rescue and return them to my drawers. As for make-up, I very rarely use any at home or if I am going out “just” with my family- surely that is a waste of good lipstick and eye-shadow?

But now I am a professional housewife, plus I am going out these days with a very cute, very beautiful baby boy with golden silky hair, bronzy silky skin, dark almond eyes and a big funny nose, who naturally draws eyes- I have to keep up a certain standard.

Not going to a stuffy office, I can wear strappy coulorful tops and baggy Bermuda pants (weather permitting- we’ve had non-stop rain and fog this weekend). But make-up is a bit more difficult: what does a housewife use if she doesn’t want to signal despair, boredom, or frustration?

Look at the positive side: with make-up for the office, you tend to become rather conservative and restrained, basically because you’re always late and in a hurry in the mornings, and you don’t feel like take any experiments at that stressful early hour, so you put on what you know suits you. You don’t try the yellow eye-shadow or silver eye-liner. However, when you’re putting make-up on at 9:00 a.m. instead of 7:50 a.m., then you can afford to be a bit more relaxed; you can take the time to experiment.

To avoid the Desperate Housewife look, I have eliminated kohl and mascara altogether (well- almost) from my make-up routine, and instead I am having a lot of fun with my huge Arcancil eye-shadow palette. A narrow line of really dark, purple-brown shadow just sweeping above my upper lid -not too much otherwise it will looked bruised. And above that, an arc of matte lighter pink. Another day, I actually tried the yellow shade in one sweep above my eyes, and I felt it really brought out hazel highlights in the deep brown of my eyes.

As for lipstick- it really becomes irrelevant, since Yousef and I need our ice-cream and stuff pretty early on in the day, and I have yet to find a lipstick which will last through a cone ice-cream.



  1. Wilkie67

    tight tops and baggy pants? OMG- you must look like Fergie from the BEP- dancing in the Hey Mama clip.

  2. I suggest you not eliminate both eyeliner & mascara. At least wear one of ’em. Come on they’re essential for make-up. I can’t imagine wearing Yellow eye shadow instead of classic, gorgous black eye liner! No I never can…

  3. thenewcomer

    to Goli: you should try. Mascara just for pushing a baby in a pram is really Desperate.

    to Wilkie: You have the good luck not to have seen my post-pregnancy tummy, which has a life of its own, otherwise you would have never compared me to the incomparable Miss Fergie.

  4. Bridey

    poor hubby- he wipes floors when you are messing around.

  5. thenewcomer

    Oh wow- finally, my mother-in-law has learned English and is leaving comments for me….:)

  6. Bridey

    You want more comments, but you are sarcastic and insulting when people leave you comments. no wonder nobody leaves you any.

  7. God my dear, lovely Shiva, why is this blog of urs only attracting Sick ppl with BIG complexes?!!! Why don’t they just go to a well-known psychiatrist instead of posting sick, offensive comments on ur lovely, sweet posts?!

  8. To Bridey: Seriously what’s wrong with you people pouring ur sick, stupid, desperate comments on people’s posts? Why don’t you just go to hell & burn alone (without disturbing other people on this planet)? Huh- why?

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