I feel I have read many times that to wear clothes, accessories and make-up which match too much are a sign of a dull, conservative, if not actually paranoid and uptight personailty. If you want to style yourself fashionably, a la Kate Moss or some other supermodel / celebrity /whatever , you should work towards clashy-clashy, rather than matchy-matchy. And recently I read that the secret to clashy-clashy was to make sure at least one colour of the two clashing patterns matched.

Now how stupid is that? First you are cautioned against wearing matches, and told to “clash”, but then a warning is added to make sure that, deep down, you “match”. Why just not admit that for the average jane, a decent match is the best she can hope for, instead of exhorting her to make ruinous clothing mistake in a vain attempt to mimic some supermodel who has a team of professional stylists to tell her what to wear to look “clashy” while secretly matching like hell with fire? (And still manages to end up in worse-dressed lists!!)

Matching clothes with accessories and make-up satisfies a deep sense of aesthetic and harmony and can add a touch of pleasure in an otherwise dull, grey day. For example, yesterday I was wearing a new cotton skirt, cut in a style I hadn’t tried before: big pleats with a puffy, swishy style falling to below the knee. Sure, it wasn’t slimming, but who cares when the sway of the pleats swung around me so prettily as I moved amongst my  papers and files and clips, when it gave me such a lovely view of my bare tanned legs and feet encased in delicate buckled shoes? The colour was new for me too: an unusual blue-grey, more grey than blue, which I set against my favourite white shirt. And imagine my pleasure when I noticed, at 8:10 in the morning, that the colour of the skirt exactly matched the grey-blue stones in a pair of dangly earrings which I had picked up on the road several months ago…What else to match? Blue-grey eye shadow, curving in an arc above brown eyes. Paranoid and uptight I may be, but a well-dressed one.


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