Well, you see some men around, usually either in the class which wears suits and ties and looks rich, or in the class which wears overalls and is holding some sort of tools and looks poor (but is not). You don’t see a lot of ordinary men. You don’t see a lot of men parallel to the women. Where are the men in this country?

I’m not just talking about how the “immigrant experience” for men is much harsher, in general. It is common knowledge, -though not necessarily true and I don’t know whether any studies have been done on this- that women are more flexible than men, more willing to lower their standards, more willing to sacrifice present goods for future bonuses (such as good education for children), more willing to try new jobs, more able to learn a new language more easily and so on. I’m not pointing to the many immigrant families where the man goes back to their “own” job, while the woman stays on for the sake of her kids; or where the woman and kids integrate and find a life, but the man becomes an unemployed and unemployable depressive at home. I’m just saying I’m not seeing a lot of men around here- and does this tie in with the “immigrant experience” I just described?  

Take this office. There are two men, both odd, working alongside twenty women, all more or less normal. All other offices I’ve visited had similiar ratios. On the bus, you see lots of women, lots of students, and no average Joes. Same thing with libraries. Same with shops. Same with banks. For every guy, you see at least three women.

It is nice, in a way, for me, because I find working with women in general easier than working with men, as they don’t feel the need to make stupid jokess to the same extent women do, but still, it leaves me,wondering, what happened to the Canadian men?


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