So the apartment is light, white, and bright, still, we needed some furniture before our backs broke into two by crouching over the laptop and our spines jutted out of our backsides…

Before I go on to describe the sad shopping venture we green newcomers had, I just have to say that until you are here, living in the Big, Bad, Capitalist, Consumerist West, you can simply have no idea to the sheer amount of advertising and persuasion to spend cash that you are exposed to in this part of the world. Just by doing your daily tasks such as checking your post box, going to the grocery and walking down to the playground, you become literally engulfed in hundreds of flyers, screaming at you hysterically to spend your hard-earned dollars at this and that store, and as reward save so many cents on this or that item. The major department stores push flyers daily in your box, advertising each of their items, with their price, and how much you “save” by buying at their store. These flyers can be mesmerising, and if you are not careful, you can find yourself trapped in their world, spending hours staring at the coloured pictures and anxiously comparing prices and wondering whether it is a good idea to “stock up” on dishwashing liquid while it is going “cheap”, looking for the scissors to cut out out coupons which will give you 2 percent off 200 dollars or more that you spend at such-and-such store… There are complicated “points and rewards” schemes, through which, if you do one years’ shopping at such-and-such a store, you will earn so many points which will in turn entitle you to so many miles of free air travel. It is absolutely surreal. Spending is practically elevated to a civic duty, since by spending, you are boosting the economy…

JYSK is furniture store, which had spread flyers round Halifax screaming “free shipping” for online orders of furniture. Free is like a magic word, say free and you are bound to sell. We grabbed the flyers at a local playground, and without pausing to ask why somebody should be so kind as to send furniture for free to our doorstep, gave ourselves up to the magic of online shopping.

Just four words of advice: DON’T DO IT. NEVER.  

Even though there are pictures, even though there are dimensions of the products, the gap between virtual products and reality is enormous. For slightly over 500 dollars, we were able to purchase a hollow whitish sofa, very plain, big enough for two persons and a child, a small kitchen table and four small chairs, a bookshelf which looks like its made out of wooden slatted fruit boxes, and an incredibly shoddy set of four small drawers. In fact, all the furniture is unbelievably shoddy, and shelf and drawers wobble. The items were all sent to us unassemebled, in pieces, and we had to spend a whole day, repeating the title of this posting with different variations, assembling them; tools for assembly were included. And this was not stated in the website. I have to say- you could never get this kind of quality (I’m talking REALLY cheap here, like thin plastic handles which fall off if you tug too hard, or shelves which don’t fit on each other properly), if you looked for it in Tehran. At least I have never seen anything like it.

Never mind that we could have sent back the products if we had wanted (paying for the shipping ourselves, of course)- that is not the point. And of course you can get solid, ‘Made in Canada” furniture here-  only at prices which made us gasp and reel. For us, the point was simply-  don’t trust flyers, and online shopping, ever ever again.



  1. yeah,
    some people are actually being PAID, to design those stupid flyers,
    design the arrangements of the stores such that we buy more crap…

    the worst scheme is “buy one at regular price, get the second on 50% off”,
    I’d rather buy only one and have 25% off… but thats their cheap trick…
    I hate them

  2. scentedswamp


  3. James and Louise

    I work at JYSK. I am a savvy consumer. I dont believe everything i read.
    I hate the online store as well! If you want assembled products…hire an outside company to do the work for you, you numbskull, as you appear incapable of doing it yourself.

    In summary, it sure beats stepping a a freaking landmine, huh?

  4. thenewcomer

    Well, Mr. and Mrs. James and Louise, please first accept my condolences for working at such a terrible store. I can understand how that can skew up your mind, especially if you’re suffering from a split male-female psychosis as well. (or maybe that was brought on by working there, and you were initially a nice, polite, and intelligent little boy-girl? whatever) Certainly you’re a terrible advertisment for the level of the courtesy and friendliness of JYSK staff- not to be wondered at, as it is certainly in keeping with the general standard of their stuff.

    And second, you may be a “savvy consumer” (whatever that is- I rather feel glad I’m not one), but you seem to be mistaking Afghanistan for Iran- something which not even AMERICANs do… Afghanistan is still full of landmines, Iran, fortunately, does not have any except in some parts of the western border with Iraq. You could have said “beats being picked up by the morality police for holding hands with your boyfriend on the street”- this is more typical of the kinds of social ills Iranian youth face. If you’re interested to learn about your mistakes, that is.

    And thirdly, while it is no doubt true that Canada sits higher on almost every single development index than Iran- much higher- still, that is no reason NOT to criticize Canadian society if and when you feel like it! Do you seriously imagine immigrants walk around Canada thanking their lucky stars they are in Canada every single second? That feeling of euphoria passes within ten minutes of landing at the airport, let me tell you. After that, we become Canadians- like you- we nag at the landlord, bitch about our neighbours, criticize the global economy, and generally try to act ordinary. We don’t go around thinking, gosh I’m so glad there are no landmines/morality police/mother-in-law/ here in Canada. We complain about the cold.

    Please continue to visit my site, but do try and moderate your language if you wish to comment, hard as it may be. Don’t let JYSK down.

  5. If you ever want to read a reader’s feedback 🙂 , I rate this article for 4/5. Detailed info, but I have to go to that damn google to find the missed parts. Thank you, anyway!

  6. Good post mate. Can I bookmark your webpage into Delicious? I couldnt find it submitted there.

  7. Val

    I recently purchased their Venedig 2 door wardrobe. What a big mistake. The doors and the side panels were warped. The recommended max weight on the hanger was only 4 kg. Of course the store does not advertise that. The material (particle board) was so thin i did not believe it would even survive hanging my wool winter coat. And it comes with an anti-topple bracket for the wardrobe to be fixed to the wall. The design of that one was such that the only way to mount it was to climb on top of the wardrobe. Well, with the weight restrictions I figured there is no way this thing would support 80 kg. I just threw it out. It was not worth my time dealing further with it or this store. I’ll just never buy anything from them again.

  8. amanda

    I thought everyone knew Jysk was a cheap place…
    look at their prices!

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